The World of
Demaz Tep Baker

Demaz Tep Baker was born in Cambodia,
having fled the Communist genocide there in 1975,
first to France, and then to the United States in 1976.
While working for the Federal government,
she went back to school and obtained her Master's degree
in Business Administration.

Bringing with her a love of cooking,
she strove to keep Cambodian cuisine alive,
while raising her two children
- - Anne, married, with two children,
and Justin, who recently obtained his MBA,
and is now a CPA working for the U.S. government - -
and having retired from full-time work for the U.S. Government,
is currently working as a contractor.

Well-known in the Washington, D.C. area
for her mouth-watering Cambodian dishes,
she has introduced many to the
art and taste of Cambodian cuisine.

Since the publication of the first edition
of her book, Cambodian Cuisine,
and in response to growing interest,
Mrs. Baker presented regular classes on Cambodian cooking
at the Arlington Public Schools Adult Education (APS/AE), in Virginia.
This was the first Cambodian cooking class in the APS/AE curriculum,
and it was an APS/AE favorite,
expanding the culinary horizons of the eager students.

Those classes evolved into a Cambodian cooking club,
where people meet, discuss, learn, cook,
and enjoy the fruits of their labors.
In October 2007, her club was featured in The Washington Times.

The second edition, A Taste of Cambodian Cuisine,
includes many new recipes and improvements,
collected from friends of Demaz Tep Baker,
who are eager to spread the culinary traditions
of Cambodia to their new home in the United States,
as well as to preserve this part of their rich culture
for their children in exile.
Traditional dishes and desserts,
normally served at weddings and other special occasions,
are prominently featured.
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