Cambodian Cooking Class

Between 1998 and 2005, Demaz Tep Baker
taught Cambodian Cooking at the
Arlington Community Learning Center.

She now teaches in her home,
every 3rd Thursday from 7pm - 9:30pm,
giving students a more personal cooking experience,
with many students returning to learn new Cambodian recipes!

Click here to see a Washington Times article featuring Ms. Baker's class!
(October 15, 2007)

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(June 23, 2010)

Recent students with Demaz (center of both photos) in her home
enjoying the preparation, serving, and dining
of true Cambodian cooking!

Here are just a few
"Compliments to the Chef"
from Ms. Baker's students!

" Thanks so much for teaching me how to
prepare Amok (fish marinated with curry sauce),
right down to where to buy the ingredients and
how to fold the banana leaves. I have already delighted many
friends with this Cambodian dish, which is amazingly easy to
prepare based on your instruction. "

  - - Scott Binde

" I will be forever grateful to Om Demaz for sharing
her culinary expertise with us!
We made the most incredible-tasting and authentic Cambodian dishes,
with recipes that are easy-to-follow and fast . . .
I took this class with my mother. Both of us are Cambodian
and we can attest to the fact that the food is deeelicious
and authentic! I highly recommend taking Om Demaz' class
with someone you know -- it makes it even more fun and gratifying! "

  - - Variny Yim Paladino

" The course was fantastic! Demaz taught the class
by having us prepare a wide variety of dishes and menus.
The focus on food preparation and the different spices
was especially helpful.
This is a five star course and instructor! *****  "

  - - Dave Martin

" This class was one of the most enjoyable classes
that I have taken through Arlington County Adult Education . . .
The class also contained great information on Cambodian culture
and customs. We learned the importance of presentation
when serving a dish, and hints for finishing touches
that make the food appealing to the eye as well as to the nose and mouth!
Demaz Baker leads a fun-filled adventure in the world
of Cambodian cuisine, and I would highly recommend the class
to anyone who enjoys great food and great company. "

  - - Barbara Amos

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